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About Bill McCay

After starting out in public relations and editorial work in the corporate arena, Bill McCay made the transition to writer and editor in the publishing field. His career as a writer has spanned both novels and nonfiction, with an emphasis on adventure and popular culture.

Bill's early publishing experience included work on magazines for Children's Television Workshop (CTW), where he acquired considerable knowledge about juvenile concerns and culture. As an editor, Bill supervised several juvenile and young-adult series while developing new projects and troubleshooting problem books.

Shortly after returning to freelance writing, Bill's novel Star Trek: Chains of Command enjoyed several weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. He has worked on numerous projects involving media tie-ins, comics characters, or the comics business: a young-adult Spiderman novel Deadly Cure, eight titles for the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles for Random House, Stan Lee's Riftworld, and five novels continuing the film Stargate. In addition, he has written several new adventures for Zorro.

Bill's nonfiction work includes contributions to several works on public health for a young audience, geography, and sociology, and as an editor, he has worked in the fields of agronomy and military biography.


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