At this point, I'm the author of around eighty books, including such series as Race Against Time, The Three Investigators, Young Indiana Jones, and Tom Clancy’s Net Force.

I've also worked with Stan Lee on Riftworld, a science fiction comedy-adventure set in the comics business, and I've written five novels based on the film Stargate. My Star Trek novel Chains of Command (cowritten with E. L. Flood) spent several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

Featured Works

Intelligent Design Buffalo Bill Wanted! Magic Shop, the Stargate: Resistance Stargate: Retaliation Stargate: Retribution

...Victorian East End London is vividly conveyed with all of its sooty, dangerous, poverty-stricken reality;
and the flavor of Arthur Conan Doyle's mysteries is successfully captured...

  -- School Library Journal, reviewing The Raven League: Sherlock Holmes is Missing